Bovesi And Partners is one of the first law firms in Italy to have been incorporated as a company limited by shares (“S.t.A.p.A.”) and employs about 20 high level professionals.

Bovesi And Partners provides services in all fields of trade and commercial law, whether domestic or international and is led by Massimiliano Bovesi who is joined by 6 partners which have worked, over the last years, in close contact with him within major transactions, including M&A.

Over the course of the last ten years Massimiliano Bovesi has been a majority partner of legal firms that have been recognized with various important awards such as:

  • the TopLegal Awards 2014 – “Law Firm of the Year Central Italy”;
  • the TopLegal Awards 2016 – “Law Firm of the Year Central Italy”;
  • the Fonti Awards 2018 – “Lawyer of the Year, Boutique of Excellence in Contractual and Commercial Law”;
  • Il Sole24ore – “Law Firms of the Year 2019”;
  • the Fonti Awards 2019 – “Boutique of Excellence of the Year in Contractual and Commercial Law”;
  • the TopLegal Awards 2019 – “Best Place to Work”;
  • Il Sole24ore – “Law Firms of the Year 2020”;
  • the Fonti Awards 2020 – “Boutique of Excellence of the Year – International Commercial Law – Consultancy”;
  • Il Sole24ore – “Law Firms of the Year 2021”;
  • MF Milano Finanza – “Best Lawyers and Best Corporate Law Firms 2021” category “M&A Small Cap”,
  • the TopLegal Awards 2021 – finalist in the category “Regional Firm of the Year”,
  • Il Sole24ore – “Law Firms of the Year 2022”, 
  • the TopLegal Awards 2022 – winner in the category “Law Firm of the Year Central Italy”,
  • Il Sole24ore – “Law Firms of the Year 2023”, 
  • the Fonti Awards 2023 – “Lawyer of the Year – Boutique of Excellence  – Contracts, Commercial Law”,
  • TopLegal Awards 2023 – finalists for the following categories: “Regional Firm of the Year”and “Firm of the year talents and inclusivity”.

The Firm aims to continue pursuing, in the most extensive and effective way possible, the pivotal ideas that guided the professional career of Massimiliano Bovesi from the early 2000s and onwards: focus in finding highly customized solutions, in accordance with the needs of each client in any possible business context; commitment to a pragmatic approach that, starting from a solid theoretical foundation, leads – on the basis of a precise assessment of risks and cost–benefit ratio – to a managing strategy for extraordinary transactions, contractual relationships and litigation which is capable of satisfying and meeting each client’s business needs; engagement in developing original contractual instruments, based on the study of innovative legal solutions.

The Firm also deals with all of the issues related to trade finance and Massimiliano Bovesi is co-author of the following books:

  • Trade Finance – Operational guide to financing for sales abroad” (2011), published by Confindustria Emilia Romagna with the contribution of Cariparma S.p.A. Group Crédit Agricole;
  • The Transfer Appendix to Supplier Credit Policy of Sace S.p.A. … 15 years later” (2019), published under the patronage of Nomisma S.p.A.;
  • Il Renting e la nuova operatività Sace – un driver per aumentare la competitività sui mercati esteri” (2021), published in collaboration with Sace.

Bovesi And Partners, besides benefiting from the dynamism and experience of Massimiliano Bovesi, has an element of great strength in the partnership of 6 young and highly trained lawyers, who have collaborated with Bovesi for years. The other members of the Firm as well are extremely motivated and benefit from working in a team based on the continuous sharing of both results and knowledge.

It should be also emphasized a unique aspect of the Firm: Bovesi And Partners counts 13 foreign mother-tongue members.

Partners of Bovesi And Partners are:

  • Avv. Massimiliano Bovesi,
  • Avv. Silvia Aquitani,
  • Avv. Federica Cecchini,
  • Avv. Mayya Lunina,
  • Avv. Sara Tramarin,
  • Avv. Wenjing Li,
  • Avv. Emiljano Sulmina,
  • Avv. Margaret Waymel.

The foreign mother-tongue members of the Firm are:

  • Wenjing Li (Adm. in China – Chinese Desk),
  • Margaret Waymel (Adm. in Colorado – American/English Desk),
  • Mayya Lunina (Russian Desk),
  • Lily Vayer Ribchester (French Desk),
  • Somaya Belcaid (French Desk),
  • Emiljano Sulmina (Albanian Desk),
  • Virginia Maria Pioli (Adm. in Spain, Spanish Desk),
  • Inés Alonso Chao (Spanish Desk),
  • Anna Zipperle Comploi (German Desk),
  • Luna Veronese (Adm. in Brazil and Adm. in California – Brazilian Desk),
  • Bruna Novis Gordilho, Advogada (Portuguese Desk – Adm. in Brazil),
  • Merve Tokgoz (Turkish Desk),
  • Pamela El Kadi (Arabic Desk).

The aforementioned members are on the Firm’s payroll and not foreign correspondents. Only two of said members collaborate from abroad: Wenjing Li, from China, and Luna Veronese from California.

In conclusion, Bovesi And Partners operates, in Italy as well as abroad, in all branches of trade and commercial law, both in the field out-of-court practices (including M&A transactions) and litigation (whether domestic or international).

In the vast majority of cases the Firm and its clients establish a long-lasting relationship which is characterized by a strong fiduciary bond and which, among others, is one of the reasons for which Avv. Bovesi is frequently entrusted with practices related to organizational models and supervisory bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.